Some of you probably remembers the incredibly buzzy visits of Diego, teaching and dancing together with Raquel, calling us the “Dream-team”. So we have decided after more than 4 years of silence to make a come back! It is a bit of a last minute but we hope you will join us to celebrate this special moment as we are eager to meet you again, old and new tangueros. We have put together a special program over the weekend and looking forward to dance with you.


Friday 1st Sep 20:00-21:00

Teaching class at “El Boliche”

Saturday 2nd Sep

at La Divina

(1) 13:30 – 15:00 | SPECIAL DIEGO – MEN Technique: Posture, tips to improve the control of balance, pivot and circular movements, footwork.
RAQUEL – LADIES Technique: leg projection, balance control, design the music with the free leg, spirality in circular moves. Technique in couple – establish a good connection, lead and follow of chest and back, how to manage the transition between close and open embrace during the dance. All Level

(2) 15:15 – 16:45 | MILONGA FREE STYLE – rhythm training laboratory to expand your improvisation skills. All Level

(3) 17:00 – 18:30 | SACADS – FROM SIMPLE TO COMPLEX – Playing with all types of sacadas – front, back, circular, linear – technique and combinations. Intermediate – Advanced Level

Sunday 3rd Sep

Sunday Workshops in London are cancelled.
Instead – we will give workshops in Cambridge
Contact Raquel for information


La Divina | 5 Rossmore Road, London, NW1 6NJ

/ Private Lessons available /


£25 per workshop
£70 for 3 workshops
£110 for 5 workshops
Practica – Free

DIEGO & RAQUEL Workshops

Diego “El Pájaro” Riemer , multifaceted artist in dance, music, design and advertising, takes up tango in Buenos Aires, his hometown, where he is formed with the maestro Tito Molinari and learns from the “old” dancers and milongueros. He thereafter perfects his technique with several professional dancers. In 2000 he leaves for Europe and is first installed in Berlin and then in Lyon where he single-handedly develops a successful international career, becoming a reference and inspiration for many dancers, especially for his musicality in tango and his way of dancing milonga.

As a former drummer, he explores the rhythms of the tango, waltz and milonga in a very particular manner. Owner of a unique and original musical expression in his dancing and improviser par excellence, he is internationally recognized and sought for his sense of humor in tango, the exploration of the traspié and rhythm, the caminata and the giros with adornments (enrosques and lapices), in addition to his special and thorough technique and pedagogy for the transmission of tango and its culture.